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Subject :  The Richard Martin Award 2003


Date : Thursday, 26 June 2003


Dear Madam,


I understand that Mr Elliot Morley is to be this years recipient of the Richard Martin Award.


This letter is to protest in the strongest possible manner at this extraordinary choice of winner in that Mr Morley was instrumental, and at the heart of a government who saw to it that approximately 11 million farm animals were annihilated in the most disgusting display of barbaric animal welfare atrocities the world has EVER witnessed during the FMD crisis of 2001; and thus he carries with him, forever more, a stigma that should permanently disqualify him from such a prestigious award – which you might like to confirm is awarded by the RSPCA for acts of Animal Welfare in exceptional circumstances.


In my opinion this obvious deranged political gesture by the RSPCA towards a besmirched New Labour government cannot be soberly associated with good judgement and common sense, given that during Mr Morley’s stewardship within MAFF/DEFRA he knew of cattle in Knowstone (Devon) which were peppered with shots from alleged marksmen. These seriously wounded cattle, maddened with pain, ran into barbed wire fences and on to roads to escape that torture and it is known several were left bleeding for more than 12 hours before finally being despatched, yet Mr Morley states categorically that there was no cruelty as did Mrs Beckett. The RSPCA knows of that incident, and many more like it, and failed miserably to secure convictions of cruelty to animals, not one related case, not even Gilwern; where it took the HSE to secure a fine against the local council.


Animals being slaughtered should not be in the sight of others awaiting death, that is the law. I have access to a photograph which shows sheep in several pens with slaughtermen killing sheep a matter of two or three feet from the remainder of the flock, yet your Society adorns those who were “in charge” with prestigious awards. Hypocrisy of the highest magnitude. 


I have a copy of the Cumbria police report (perhaps you have it too) which shows they were called out on several occasions to destroy bulls which had been shot with .22 calibre rifles (known to be totally inadequate for this work). How can the RSPCA condone and approve of giving their top award to a government official whose job it was not to allow such things to happen ?  The RSPCA’s perverse response is akin to giving Harold Shipman the Royal Societies award for “Lifetime achievement in humanities”.


One could rob you of your time reminding you and your awards committee about the FMD 2001 atrocities, presided over and directed by Mr Morley, but I shall limit my letter by mentioning just a few more that you all seem to have forgotten in your political haste to make an impression on your masters, singling out one.

Lambs blown to bits with guns instead of injections – Mr Morley and DEFRA “in charge”.

Lambs aborting live, from their dead mothers as they were buried at Gt. Orton – Mr Morley and DEFRA “in charge”.

Sheep left so bereft of food that they were eating their own faeces and stones, and in other parts of the country, drowning in mud because of immoral and stupid laws, orders and instructions from Mr Morley’s DEFRA.  How does that equate to even considering this award be given to a man whose job it was not to allow such things to happen ?

This is the man who was steward to allowing 7294 DC’s and 255 SOS farms be slaughtered out when later it was discovered only 5 yielded “positive” FMD results (that’s 0.066%).

And you add your approval to giving him an award associated with the “welfare of animals”.

Slaughtering healthy animals is a crime.


May I please have the citation that has been drafted against the 2003 award.


I would also like a copy of the Minutes of the Award Committee Meeting/s in which ALL the nominations (and by whom) were considered, and the discussion thereof.


You can take it the RSPCA will receive no cash donations from my family in the future.


Yours sincerely


Bryn Wayt