The RSPCA Animadversion Team was most surprised to receive this in the post.

There was no covering letter as to its source or any comment. We have always said that we will not pass comment, but having verified the authenticity of the document we felt that in this instance we should do so, in order to underline the importance of it.

The team was surprised that the RSPCA had not suppressed it with its usual desire for secrecy as reported in the RSPCA Members' Watchdog Newsletters.

The whole statement is most damning of the professional abilities of some vets, and very damning of the professional standard of the RSPCA Inspectors.

We have it on good authority from a Council Member that it has not been brought up before the Council by the employees.

We hope that this may open up some avenue of appeal (Human Rights) for people who have suffered at the hands of the RSPCA ineptitude.

We also feel that RSPCA Council Members have exceedingly good grounds for complaint as it would seem that they could be held responsible, since they, as trustees are legally responsible for the leadership and direction of the affairs of the Society.

British Equine Veterinary Association
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