Would you keep a horse in these conditions?
The RSPCA have
Buildings at NantGwynFaen Farm where animals had been kept with nowhere to lie down or eat except in pure muck! When were they cleaned out or given straw?

Note the jagged rusting corrugated iron sheeting used to block the doorways.



Front and back view of unprotected drop. Spike harrow (drags) in which horses could catch their feet and break a leg.
Superintendent Manning of the RSPCA stood next to the unprotected drop when surveyor Mr. Barry Stone was trying to estimate the height of it and said "If it helps I'm 5'5" but if anything fell over here an inch or so either way wouldn't make much difference."
Note string which animals could eat, and wire and muck.


Just imagine what would happen if a child or a horse ran into this unguarded implement!

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