RSPCA Brands sign Campaign libellous

THE RSPCA has launched an investigation after signs criticising its fundraising were placed outside Swansea's Llys Nini animal shelter and on main routes in the city yesterday. The charity has pledged to track down those responsible and is considering legal action. It says the signs are incorrect and libellous and could damage its ability to do vital animal rescue and protection work. So far no one has claimed responsibility for the signs which the RSPCA has vowed to remove wherever they are spotted South West Wales RSPCA spokesman Huw Evans "We would love to talk in the people responsible. We have our suspicions but obviously we cannot say this stage. Notices were first put on the gate of Llys Nini on Wednesday morning and the rest appeared along the city's main roads yesterday. -, "We gather they have also been sent to selected surgeons in Swansea as well The signs say such things as "£119 in the bank and scrounging for more" "Naturally we are taking the allegations very seriously indeed as we believe they arc libellous -"The animal sanctuary in Llys Nini is branch run. It is an autonomous charity which means it exists outside the main body of the charity and is funded entirely by the people of Swansea "If we had that kind of money then obviously we would spend it and not ask for donations. This whole campaign is misinformed and bizarre".
S.Wales Evening Post 9/4/99


Huw Evans, the SW Wales RSPCA spokesman does not seem very well informed about RSPCA funds. The Sunday Times stated that in 1996 the RSPCA had £ll9 million and in 1998,the reserves were £106 MILLION

Instead of enriching lawyers with legal action - why not enrich the lives of animals?